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KA14 C20 A6 Bekomat 14 Co Zero Loss Drain Valve

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Price: $1,352.00
Bekomat 14 CO Zero Loss Drain Valve - Beko
Part #: KA14-C20-A6
Designed For Use With: Beko
Estimated Weight (lbs) : 6.4
Availability: 5-7 Days

BEKOMAT® zero loss condensate drains efficiently eliminate moisture without releasing valuable compressed air. And, with over 1.5 million BEKOMAT® condensate drains installed worldwide and a guaranteed 1 million cycles of performance, you know that you can trust BEKO drains for industry-leading reliability and quality.

The BEKOMAT® 14 CO zero loss drain valve features:
  • Integrated fault and alarm signals with remote detection
  • Smart design that provides efficient, reliable liquid condensate removal with minimal maintenance
  • Large cross sections that prevent costly emulsification
  • True zero air loss for maximum energy savings
  • Fully automatic, sensor controlled operation
Technical Details
  • Temperature min/max: +34/140 F
  • Maximum flow rate: 5400 SCFM 
  • Pressure min/max: 12/232 PSIG
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Aluminum housing with hard coating suitable for oil and oil-free operations and special gas applications

To learn more about BEKO® full line of zero loss electronic drain valves, read the BEKOMAT® brochure.