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D140IT High Temperature Air Dryer

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Price: $3,229.99
High Temperature Air Dryer
Part #: D140IT
Designed For Use With: Ingersoll Rand
Estimated Weight (lbs) : 137
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This Ingersoll-Rand air dryer delivers a consistent pressure dew point of 38 degrees F to 50 degrees F. Each refrigerated air dryer cools the compressed air by mechanical refrigeration and condensed water is removed through an automatic drain valve. The non-cycling design provides reliable and economical operation while delivering moisture free air.

  • Handles high inlet air temperatures
  • Eliminates water
  • Removes unwanted particles to the micron level
  • Saves energy and prevents pipe sweating
  • Includes performance indicator, automatic condensate drain and inlet strainer
  • Patented varaible-speed fan

Technical Details

  • 82 SCFM (air flow)
  • 203 Max PSI
  • 115-1-60 voltage
  • Weight: 137 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17L x 23W x 31H