POWERCLEAN - Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser

POWERCLEAN - Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser



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Industrial Air Power

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POWERCLEAN - Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser - 1 Quart Bottle

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POWERCLEAN is a water-based, industrial-strength degreaser that is ideal for use on oily and greasy surfaces such as compressed air systems, heat exchangers, cleaning vats and greasy floors. The super-concentrated formula is biodegradable, nonflammable, nonabrasive, noncorrosive and nontoxic, making it safe for just about any industrial application. 

POWERCLEAN is also environmentally friendly, containing no chlorinated hydrocarbons, phosphates, sodium hydroxide or petroleum distillates. It is also NSF registered A8 and C1 and meets USDA standards, authorizing its use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants where there is no food contact

Directions:  Dilute as recommended below, spray on and rinse thoroughly.

For cleaning dirt and light grease from equipment: use 1 part cleaner : 5 parts water
For routine maintenance: use 1 part cleaner : 2 parts water
For cleaning heavy grease: use 1 part cleaner : 1 part water

Clear Color
Butyl Based
pH: 11.0
NSF® Registered A8 and C1 
Pleasant Mild Odor

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