CH-150 Compressed Air Filter, 1 Inch

CH-150 Compressed Air Filter, 1 Inch

Part #:CH-150


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Industrial Air Power

Estimated Weight:

15 lbs
Industrial Air Power stocks a complete line of compressed air filters to match the flow, pressure, and performance requirements of virtually any application.

Available Grades of Elements:
PF Prefilter 5 micron
GP General Purpose 1 micron
OR Oil Removal .01 micron
AC Activated Carbon .01 micron

Available Filter Housings:
CH-60 1/2″
CH-90 3/4″
CH-120 3/4″
CH-150 1″
CH-350 1-1/2″
CH-500 2″
CH-710 2″
CH-950 2-1/2″
CH-1150 3″
CH-1400 3″

Flow rates from 60 to 1400 cfm.

All models come standard with an automatic float drain and a pressure differential indicator or gauge.

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